At, we take your privacy very seriously. We want you to know that we will never sell, rent, or share any of your data with anyone else. This includes any files you upload or information about how you use our site. Your data is yours alone, and we keep it that way.

We believe that keeping your information private is really important. That’s why we’ve made some big choices about how our website works:

  1. No selling data: We don’t make money by selling your information. Ever.
  2. No outside trackers: We don’t use things like Google Analytics or other tools that could track what you do on our site.
  3. No social media buttons: You won’t see Facebook or Twitter buttons on our site. These can sometimes track you, even if you don’t click them.
  4. Simple and safe: We only collect the bare minimum information needed to make our file-sharing service work.
  5. Our own technology: We build and use our own systems to keep your data safe, instead of relying on outside companies.

We know that many websites collect lots of data about their users. They often do this to make money or to understand how people use their site. But we think your privacy is more important than that.

When you use, you can feel safe knowing that:

  • Your files are kept private
  • We’re not watching what you do on our site
  • We’re not letting other companies track you
  • We won’t sell or share your information

We’re always working to make our site safer and more private. We believe that in today’s online world, keeping your data private is really important. That’s why we’ve made these choices, and why we’ll keep working hard to protect your privacy.

At, your privacy isn’t just something we talk about – it’s at the heart of everything we do.