Terms of Service for jxfiles.me

  1. By using our service, you agree to these rules. If you don’t agree, please don’t use the service.
  2. We can change these rules anytime. If you keep using the service, it means you accept the new rules.
  3. Keep backups of your files. We can’t promise there won’t be any data loss or bugs.
  4. Don’t misuse our service or make it hard for others to use.
  5. Don’t break copyright laws or use other people’s work without permission.
  6. Don’t sell our service to others without our okay.
  7. You can’t use our service to:
    • Break any laws
    • Send spam or unwanted messages
    • Bully, threaten, or harass anyone
    • Share offensive or illegal content
    • Spread viruses or harmful software
    • Try to hack or access parts of the service you’re not allowed to use
  8. Don’t copy, change, or share our website code, design, or content without our permission.
  9. We take copyright seriously. Don’t use our service to share files you don’t have the right to share.
  10. We may remove content that breaks copyright laws. If you keep doing it, we might close your account.
  11. We try to keep the service running all the time, but sometimes it might be down for fixes or other reasons.
  12. We try to keep our website info correct, but we can’t promise it’s always perfect.
  13. We’re not responsible for:
    • Lost or damaged files
    • Problems caused by not following these rules
    • Things other users do
    • Ads on our site
    • Content on other websites we link to

Remember, using our service means you understand and agree to these simple terms.